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Best Examples of Hospitality

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Best Examples of Hospitality

Hospitality is not limited to the hospitality industry. It doesn’t start or stop in hotels, restaurants, or any company belonging to the sector. An example of hospitality being given is how you give positive experiences and memories for people. That’s why even in your homes, you can be hospitable.

People of different cultures and backgrounds have different concepts for hospitality. For some, hospitality can be given by simply offering a place to stay in a home. Others might consider it as hospitality when they receive a luxurious experience. It’s not the same for everybody but it does have general qualities that are similar all throughout. It’s having the right attitude, empathy, and passion to go the extra mile and beyond what is required to give the best service to your guest.

Hospitality Examples

An evening barbecue that serves as an example of hospitality.

If you already learned what hospitality is, then you’d know that it’s about making guests feel special. At home or In the hospitality industry, it is the generous treatment and reception of guests and visitors through your actions, service, or operations to make them feel comfortable, entertained, and contented. There are several ways you can do this. It can be big or small but the end result is always to give a great experience to the guest.

In Your Home

Being hospitable starts in the home. If you’re having a friend or relative over, you receive them as best as you could. Sometimes, you may even go out of your way just so they’re happy. Here are a few examples of how you can do this:

Make sure your guests are comfortable

How you make someone feel comfortable in your home can also vary from person to person. A few ways to do it is by offering refreshments as simple as water or a snack. If they prefer, you could even give tea or coffee. You can also keep your home clean and tidy with cozy decorations. Prepare everything they might need such as a towel or tissues on hand. When you do these little touches in your home, you make your home feel very welcoming.

Invite people in your home often

Another to make people feel welcome in your home is by repeatedly inviting them to it. This says that you want to build a relationship with them as you let them in. They’ll feel more welcome and comfortable when they know that it’s not just a one-time invitation.

Give gifts to show how you care

Who doesn’t appreciate it when they receive gifts? When someone comes to your home and gives you a gift, that’s going the extra mile. Giving a thoughtful and meaningful gift shows that you value your guests and want them in your company. It’s also not about getting expensive gifts. It’s the idea that you spent effort not just buying a gift but thinking of one that will suit them and they’ll love.

Extend your help

Another way of showing hospitality is by giving help whenever you can. Maybe you can help move furniture or clean the front of their house. Be it a minor one or a major one. A little help can go a long way. Helping out a friend or neighbor displays how much you love and care for them. It can also be a great way to bond with someone.

Let them know you enjoy their company

Communicate how much you like having them in your home. Nothing feels more welcoming than assuring them that you are having fun in their company. You can tell them that you’re delighted in their presence and looking forward to having them over again. After that, prove your appreciation by inviting them again to your home.

In the industry

Waiter with a tray to serve guests and display an example of hospitality.

When talking about the best hospitality in the industry, it’s not just about providing a five-star experience. Sometimes, it’s the tiny details too that make an experience extra special. You can do small, personal actions that show you’re listening to guests and customers. It’s that additional effort that tells them you’re passionate about giving them excellent service.

According to Expedia, guests’ most valued deciding factor in planning trips is on how they’ll be happy and entertained. This is because people want memorable experiences. In fact, the price or special deals is actually lowest on their list. That’s why exceptional hospitality is so important in keeping a business running. You can do that through the following:

Provide a personalized service

Giving guests a fully customized and personal service is one of the best ways you can show hospitality. It could be a personalized handwritten note left in their room. You could learn their name and call them by that throughout their stay. When they have special requests, you provide it to them as best as you could. They may want their coffee prepared in a certain way or have a specific arrangement for their room. Your job is to know about it and give them that personalized treatment.

Pay attention to the little details

In showing exceptional hospitality, the little things count. Not everything needs to be lavish and extravagant. In a hotel, simple actions like providing your service with a smile or asking guests about their stay or where they’re vacationing. When you engage with them, you can recommend attractions and fun activities and even offer discounts. In the morning, you can greet them and ask them if they had a good night’s sleep. Just a little extra effort on your part can earn you a customer for life.

Identify and reward loyal customers

When you have loyal customers, you can show hospitality by expressing your gratitude to them. It’s not just giving them thank you cards or offering discounts through deals or free nights. If you have information on their preferences, you can give them a customized gift as well. If they enjoy a certain brand of wine or activity in your hotel, why not offer them one free of charge. You’ll surely earn their appreciation and loyalty even more through that gesture.

Be prompt and proactive to guest needs

A listening and empathic ear is a great way of displaying hospitality especially if guests have an issue. Good hospitality is seen by being as prompt as possible when addressing problems from guests. Let them explain their side and assure them that you’re listening and care about their concerns. Understand where they’re coming from and get to the root of the issue. If you’re genuine and sympathetic to their plight, they’ll respond positively to your attempt to solve their problem.

Hospitality Can Be Shown in a Number of Ways

Hospitality is best shown when you go above and beyond what is normally required. It makes the guest feel more welcome and entertained. In the home, it can be as simple as ensuring they are comfortable and showing that you appreciate and enjoy their presence. In the hospitality industry, aside from providing a five-star experience, you can give personalized services, pay attention to little details, recognize loyal customers, and promptly attend to guest needs. Though hospitality can be different for various people, it will always involve giving the best effort you can to provide a special and memorable experience.

Hospitality is seen in a lot of ways. Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC) can teach you how to provide hospitality and go beyond what’s needed. Delivered in partnership with École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), DHMC’s hospitality management program is a wise first step in entering the world of hospitality. You’ll receive quality hospitality education and training and unlock your potential as a hospitality professional. With its blended learning approach, DHMC helps prepare you for your journey in hospitality management.

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