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New Year, New Me: Guide for Incoming DHMC Hospitality Management Students

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New Year, New Me: Guide for Incoming DHMC Hospitality Management Students

New Year’s resolutions are typically difficult to accomplish; whether it’s sticking to a diet, pursuing a new special interest, or achieving a more balanced lifestyle. But for some people, it’s different. For some young adults, the New Year marks a countdown before their first day as college freshmen. Older, wiser and about to embark on a journey in higher learning in line with their professional pursuits, the new year marks a new chapter of challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. 

For a certain batch of young professionals in the making, they are gearing towards their first year in hospitality management at Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC). Whether they recently completed high school or shifted courses to pursue their passion in hospitality, they must be ready for a dynamic academic year ahead to graduate with flying colors and demonstrate the competitive edge instilled by DHMC.

Guide for New Hospitality Management Students

1. Learn more about your school

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin 

You have already chosen an institution of higher learning, passed the admission requirements, and successfully enrolled. That means you are now a hospitality management student at DHMC. Compared to high school, college is a whole new playing field where you get to start over and demonstrate your academic prowess. With a clean slate and your future as a hospitality professional on the line, it pays to go in aiming to be a step ahead.

DHMC is an institution that partnered with the esteemed École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), ranked number one worldwide in the latest QS university subject ranking for hospitality and leisure management. With a few simple keystrokes, information on your college of choice, the partner learning institute, and expectations from a DHMC undergraduate is right at your fingertips. And so as Type A personalities would, do your homework and familiarize yourself with the school before day one rolls in. Remember, DHMC’s learning blueprint does not start and end in the classroom. As an integrated facility for higher learning, the institution will train you to excel both in theoretical learnings and operations functional applications.

2. Get to know industry professionals

There are no other people qualified to give you better advice about hospitality management than professionals currently working in the field. DHMC with its integration with dusitD2 is filled with a roster of professionals and instructors with years of experience under their belts. These instructors are also Qualified Learning Facilitators certified by DHMC’s partner institute, EHL. That means that you will be interacting not just with industry specialists but also with facilitators certified by the oldest and top-ranked school for hospitality management.

If you are able to create opportunities in your initial semester, be sure to make a notable impression and establish a positive rapport with industry professionals who may serve as your future peers, teachers, and mentors. They may play a critical role as your advisors as you learn beyond the walls of the classroom and pursue your career in hospitality.

3. Ask yourself which area you want to pursue

The hospitality trade captures a rich and diverse scope of operations areas. After hospitality training, you may one day find yourself managing front office operations, conceptualizing signature events under sales and marketing, expanding group portfolios under business development, or cooking up the next big thing in concept restaurants as a food and beverage visionary. As you begin your journey in hospitality, don’t wait until junior or senior year before focusing on an area of expertise to pursue.

Take moments of deep reflection and think about the area of specialization you may want to pursue. Match these aspirations with your skillset, whether they are inherent abilities you will have to cultivate continuously or new functional areas that you will have to develop. The few years it takes to complete a degree course are short and fast so be sure to keep your eye on the prize and focus on what will be your competitive edge in the industry.

4. Explore extra-curricular activities 

When you graduate, you will come to realize that companies look beyond your transcripts. DHMC’s emphasis on blended learning will consistently ingrain how education can happen beyond classroom walls during your journey. There’s much learning to be had when you participate in clubs and organizations, pursue a sport or special interest, and cultivate a supplementary talent in the context of a group. For our incoming and future hoteliers, the pursuit of excellence as a well-rounded individual is key. With integrated learning comes an increased potential to be among the next generation’s multi-hyphenates.

5. Improve your time management skills

Time management is a timeless management skill. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day and, yet some are more productive than others. As you enter a new chapter in higher learning, take this as an opportunity to not only work hard but to work smart. There will be a wealth of diversity in the learning experiences you will gain under the DHMC BSHM program. From working on individual requirements to group projects, managing your time will be a juggling act that you will learn to fine-tune. As you do so, here are some nuggets of wisdom to remember:

  • Look at your list of requirements with wide-angle lenses and prioritize which should be given immediate attention.
  • Your attitude towards time reflects on your respect for other people and the kind of respect due to you in return.
  • The quality of your work speaks volumes. Be sure to associate yourself with the best possible output.

6. Hone your social and communication skills 

Say goodbye to the version of yourself that only recites in class when called upon. In an environment where students are encouraged to gain a deeper understanding by questioning assumptions, understanding concepts, and sharing best practices, it is important for future hoteliers to develop confidence and enhanced communication skills.

Working in hospitality management involves a fair degree of social interaction and possibly even public speaking. If you want to succeed in it, you must get as much experience as possible in effectively conveying your message, communicating with people, and addressing an audience. The art of customer service and hospitality management entails communication with people from all walks of life; from guests, fellow associates, suppliers, and industry partners.

As you gear up for the first day to your future in hospitality, arm yourself with knowledge and content of substance to enable confidence. Be prepared to start talking.

7. Cultivate a community of academic support and extra-curricular activities

With a more independent yet collaborative academic setting, you will undergo a period of adjustment during your freshman year. It’s important that you surround yourself with people and friends who share your aspirations and drive towards excellence. And so, go into your early days with purpose. Cultivate a group or community of support for your academic requirements and balance it with extra-curricular activities or supplementary programs that will further substantiate your training. Within this community, you will also find your initial network of peers and fellow hoteliers. You may not end up in the same functional path or organization when you pursue your respective careers but you may find paths crossing in the future or find opportunities for inspired collaborations.

Start your year right

With 2020 upon us you should start preparing as you count down towards the first day of class. Visit the campus when you have the opportunity and get a lay of the land. Revisit the guide that was hopefully helpful as you transition towards hospitality management; towards your life as a young professional.

Are you also considering a career in hospitality management? Discover learning opportunities with Dusit Hospitality Management College. Featuring partnerships with esteemed institutions for higher learning including École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and Institut Paul Bocuse, you can be assured of international standards in education, training and a competitive edge towards your professional goals. Located in the Philippines, Dusit Hospitality Management College is a premier institute for higher learning integrated with the hotel dusitD2 The Fort, Manila. With a college experience rich in blended learning of theory and practical application, you will be trained to succeed in your chosen profession.

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