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Student Interview Series: Hospitality Internship Abroad

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Student Interview Series: Hospitality Internship Abroad

Sophomores taking the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) Program at Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC) go through an exciting operational internship in their second semester. After the practical experience they gain in the facilities of the College and the dusitD2 Hotel it’s fully integrated with, students get a firsthand experience of working in the hospitality industry abroad. This internship helps them prepare to tackle the challenges they will face in their hospitality management career.

One of DHMC’s sophomores, Paul John Binwag, grabbed the opportunity to take an operational assignment abroad. Paul John is doing his internship at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, Japan. While on internship, one member of BSHM’s pioneer batch share his experience.

Paul John Binwag

A hospitality intern setting a table.
Why did you choose Hospitality Management for your degree course?

I chose Hospitality Management because I want to become a manager and also the hospitality industry offers a wide range of opportunities. It opens a gateway to anywhere I want to work.

What operations are assigned to you during your internship? What are your roles, duties, and responsibilities?

The operation assigned to me varies each week or each day depending on the staff available. My managers want me to be able to perform and experience different positions in the restaurant and for me to be knowledgeable in the operation as sometimes other co-employees cannot make it to work due to some unforeseen events. I started in the backside area of the operation in which I have to do preparations (Japanese dishes, juices, table napkins, and glasses) for the next day. I also have been assigned to the breakfast buffet area refilling food, juices, plates, utensils as well as pulling out the displays for the lunch mise en place. I have been an assistant waiter, where I have to take orders from the guests and bus out emptied plates. I was also placed in the dish-up area where I had to check all the order slips and the food before serving it to the guest. I have also led the line up (morning briefing) where information is discussed for smooth operational flow. More has yet to be experienced.

What were your expectations going into your internship?

My expectation was that there would be cultural differences in the workplace. I expected that I would encounter difficulty in communication. As for the department I was placed in, I expected that every day there would be something new and exciting to do and learn. I expected that I would be having a hard time adapting to the people with whom I would be working.

How was your experience? Did it meet your expectations?

At first, it was scary for my part as I am in a different country with a different culture but the experience was and still is fantastic. Some of my expectations were met and some not at all, like having a hard time adapting to a new workplace and new people — I was wrong about that. They are very welcoming, kind and appreciative of my hard work, efficiency and attitude in the workplace which made it easier for me to make friends with them despite the communication challenges.

What challenges did you encounter? How did you solve them?

I encountered some challenges when I misunderstood an instruction given to me because of the language barrier. My fellow employee only speaks a bit of English where she only uses word by word and I had to guess what she meant by it. The challenge encountered has encouraged me to repeat the instructions given to me so both parties have the same idea before acting on it.

What did you enjoy the most in your assignment?

I can say I have enjoyed it all, regardless if I was placed at the backside or at the front of the restaurant. Maybe because of the values they embody which gives positivity at work.

How did Dusit Hospitality Management College support you in the program?

DHMC continuously supports me to date. Aside from the papers needed for the application for the internship and for the application for the visa, they also support me emotionally. A simple message of “How am I doing here in Japan”, or “Take care of yourself”, from my faculty and my closest executive directors of DHMC and dusitD2 is quite helpful for me to stay positive.

How did your classes in hospitality management help you in your internship?

Understanding the operations of the different departments has helped me to understand the others especially when I am on the floor. It also helped me understand cultural diversity and ethical values to uphold as a hotelier.

What would you consider to be a valuable takeaway so far from your internship?

It’s the values (a lot) of the company (Ritz Carlton), where it’s very important in the hospitality industry to stay on top of their game.

A hospitality student preparing a table during his internship.
What advice would you give to the freshmen or future students to prepare for their internship?

For the freshmen, my advice to them is to always be accountable for your actions. No excuses. Learn from it because it’s a unique opportunity for you to grow and learn. Also, start building your professional values. This is quite helpful.

Did your career objectives change during your internship? What are they?

My career objectives have not changed during the operational assignment but rather some have been added such as a 6 months goal where every month I have to achieve it. An example is that I should be able to serve lunch à la Carte, serve wine and more.

In hindsight, what do you now wish you had known before choosing and starting your internship?

I would think that I was prepared enough and ready for the internship. The past exposure to all opportunities to do firsthand experiences as well as operational experiences from the different departments and my subjects have contributed to my confidence in achieving exceptional achievements.

A Fruitful Hospitality Internship Experience

With the challenges he faced during his internship, the sophomore surely learned a lot from the experience. Like this operational assignment, DHMC offers numerous opportunities to all of its students to enable them to grow and to develop their hospitality and management skills. If you’re interested in a management career in the hospitality industry, you can start by enrolling in DHMC’s BS in Hospitality Management Program.

Dusit Hospitality Management College is committed to excellence in hospitality, tourism, and culinary education. At DHMC you will learn the technical, interpersonal and managerial competencies to prepare you for management and leadership roles in the international hospitality industry. DHMC’s world-class facilities provide students with real-world learning experiences. DHMC’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Program is certified by École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world’s number one school for hospitality management studies according to the latest QS world university subject ranking.

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